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Road Trip
Rich Planet
There could be space sharks??

Adult Story

Two young ladies arrived a Meeting wearing clothes that were quite revealing their body parts.
Here is what the Chairman told them:
He took a good look at them and made them sit.Then he said something that, they might never forget in their life. He looked at them straight in the eyes and said; "ladies, everything that God made valuable in this world is well covered and hardly to see, find or get. 1. Where do you find diamonds? Deep down in the ground, covered and protected. 2. Where do you find pearls? Deep down at the bottom of the ocean, covered up and protected in a beautiful shell. 3. Where do you find gold? Way down in the mine, covered over with layers of rock and to get them, you have to work hard & dig deep down to get them. He looked at them with serious eyes and said;
"Your body is sacred & unique" You are far more precious than gold, diamonds and pearls, and you should be covered too."So he added that, if you keep your treasured mineral just like go…

Mutation of Dog to Spider

Mutation of Dog to Spider Watch this video:

Will wonders never cease???

The Frankfurt Flughafen has been retrofitted as an Imperial Starport.

Imperial Starport Frankfurt, Germany


I am completely terrified and shocked! Toothpastes contain harmful substances that may cause CANCER!

TRICLOSAN- Yet, some ‘humane’ manufacturers of toothpaste find that it is quite safe to put it in the toothpastes which we use every day.
It has been scientifically proven to cause cancer!It is used in detergents as main bactericide.

SLS-The most dangerous of all is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), which may cause possible disastrous consequences for the human health. This is the main ingredient in products for washing floors, cars, car engines and other tools.

HYDRATED SILICA- is also dangerous because it acts as quartz sand in the teeth. The substance dioforms can cause very quick tooth decay.

It is known that the greater amount of fluoride could be harmful for teeth and slightly toxic to the body.

The colors used in toothpastes are highly carcinogenic. They are absorbed in seconds although never swallowed. This occurs through the lining of the mouth. These compounds attack the brain and ner…

The Banana Experiment